RMA Automation for a Leading Computer Chip Manufacturer

The client wanted to leverage AI and automation to streamline B2C Return Management Authorization (RMA) processes for refunds, one-way fulfilment, and Self-cycling Returns (SRR).

An RMA number is created manually in SAP and data is synched between Microsoft Dynamics (MSD) and SAP manually. There was a need to automate such manual tasks and establish collaboration between different teams.

Key Challenges

  • Lack of collaboration between teams for end-to-end processes involving MS Dynamics (MSD), SAP, and Logistics
  • Manual ticket creation in MS Dynamics
  • Fields (such as ship-to and address) required to create RMA orders in SAP missing in MS Dynamics
  • Lack of auto-synchronization of RMA orders between MSD and SAP for failure and success scenarios in SAP
  • Prone to manual errors while entering data into MSD
  • High turnaround time (TAT) to initiate refunds to customers due to manual data entry in SAP by RMA contact agents

Automated RMA Processes using UiPath

  • 10,080 hours effort savings per year
  • 42 hours/day saved
  • 42 FTEs repurposed
  • Agents engaged in value-added activities

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