AI-based condition monitoring system for the ship engines of a Shipbuilding company

A ship’s engine is a critical and complex engineering system comprising several systems and auxiliary subsystems. Maintenance through conventional methods resulted in longer turnaround time to repair or replace components of engines and restore normal operations.

The client partnered with Infosys to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based condition monitoring system to assess and predict the health of the engines and help reduce the maintenance cost and improve the overall safety of the ship.

Key Challenges

  • Need to analyze and correlate relevant data and events related to the multiple systems and auxiliary sub-systems of ship engines
  • Lack of sufficient historical data from engine sensors impeding the development of a reliable prediction model
  • The existing OEM system supported sensor data extraction in PDF format only
  • Past events were manually logged in ledgers and needed to be digitized

Modular, scalable and extendable solution built using open source technologies

  • Enables extension to multiple data providers for real-time data
  • Provides a configurable solution to predict the health of any asset with sensor and event data (not limited to ship engine)

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