Optimization of inventory replenishment in retail stores. AI-driven virtual try-ons to enhance shopping with realistic virtual models.
Optimized customer experience through targeted product recommendations. Sentiment analysis on reviews, ratings for informed decision-making.



of global retailers will use AI to increase inventory visibility, reduce out-of-stock scenarios, and improve profitability by 2025


cost reductions due to AI-powered supply chain optimization


inventory reductions by AI powered route optimization, warehouse management, and supplier selection


increase in retailer margins due to AI-enabled dynamically adjusted prices based on real-time demand, competitor pricing, and other factors

Use Cases

Demand Forecasting

Leverage AI to predict inventory needs across locations and time periods based on customer demand signals, ensuring product availability.

Personalized Recommendations

Use customer data to build AI systems that suggest relevant products to each shopper, increasing engagement and sales.

Conversational Commerce

Implement conversational agents to provide quick customer support, product information, and personalized interactions. Inventory Optimization: Employ AI to forecast demand fluctuations and optimize inventory levels, reducing costs.

Fraud Prevention

Build AI models to detect fraudulent transactions in real-time, minimizing losses.

Targeted Marketing

Apply AI to segment customers and deliver tailored promotions via preferred channels, improving campaign ROI.

Product Placement Optimization

Leverage computer vision and sensors to track customer in-store behavior including product interactions, shopping paths, and dwelling times.
Analyze this data using AI algorithms to gain insight into customer preferences for product categories, brands, shelf placement etc.
Continuously optimize planograms and product layouts within the store to match observed consumer preferences. Place products with higher affinity together to increase cross-selling potential.

Our Benefits

Increased Revenue

Personalized experiences drive higher conversion rates and customer lifetime value.

Operational Efficiency

Optimized demand forecasting and inventory management reduce waste and stockouts.

Customer Loyaltyg

Relevant recommendations and excellent service improve satisfaction and retention.

Risk Reduction

AI-enabled fraud prevention minimizes financial losses.

Strategic Insights

Customer and market intelligence inform planning and investments

Our Methodology


Draft approach, methodologies and work plan to achieve set goals


Custom built solutions to achieve set goal


Deploy solutions to production


Provide comprehensive training to end-users on utilizing AI/ML solutions effectively


Initial discussions to understand the business pain points


Hypercare, measurement and A/B testing for ongoing improvement and refinement as required before transitioning into BAU


Narrow down pain points to tackle for optimum outcomes and define project goals

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