Simplifying Health Claims submission for patients. Personalized Service for patients with physical illnesses.
Personal assistant for dealing with mental health issues. Enabling seamless communication for individuals with hearing impairments.



accuracy in predicting the likelihood of developing certain diseases based on patient data


projected valuation of the global market for AI in medical imaging by 2024


in annual value for AI-driven personalized healthcare by 2025 in the United States alone


global projected savings from the adoption of healthcare chatbots by 2025

Use Cases

Drug Discovery & Enhanced Imaging

Utilize Generative AI capabilities to develop personalized treatment plans, discover novel drug candidates, and enhance medical imaging.

Predicting Disease & Managing Population Health

Employ advanced algorithms for disease prediction, population health management, and continuous learning in deployed solutions with the help of Machine Learning.

Healthcare Data Infrastructure

Establish robust data infrastructure for secure storage, efficient access, and high-quality data preparation for AI models with the help of cloud partners.

Healthcare Integration

Combine technology expertise with healthcare knowledge to ensure seamless integration and adoption of AI solutions into existing workflows.

Our Benefits

By leveraging the power of AI and data, Avkalan delivers a transformative impact
across the healthcare spectrum

Enhanced Patient Care

AI personalizes treatment plans, leading to more effective therapies and improved patient outcomes. Earlier disease detection through AI-powered prediction translates to faster interventions and better prognoses. Additionally, optimized healthcare delivery systems ensure patients receive the right care at the right time.

Reduced Costs

AI streamlines drug discovery and development processes, significantly reducing the time and resources required to bring new therapies to market. Efficient resource allocation and minimized errors in diagnosis and treatment further contribute to cost savings.

Improved Community Wellbeing

Proactive disease management empowered by AI helps identify and address risk factors before illness onset. This leads to better population health outcomes, improved quality of life for individuals and communities, and a reduced burden on healthcare systems.

Our Methodology


Draft approach, methodologies and work plan to achieve set goals


Custom built solutions to achieve set goal


Deploy solutions to production


Provide comprehensive training to end-users on utilizing AI/ML solutions effectively


Initial discussions to understand the business pain points


Hypercare, measurement and A/B testing for ongoing improvement and refinement as required before transitioning into BAU


Narrow down pain points to tackle for optimum outcomes and define project goals

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