Financial Services

Financial Services

Advanced Credit Scoring (Analyzing credit score and spending patterns). Streamlined Loan Underwriting Process (Analyzing feasibility of a loan).
Customer service automation for financial companies (Conversational AI Audio Bot). AI powered Knowledge bank for Bank Employees (AI based search engine)



estimated global market value in 2021


projected value of AI in reshaping the finance industry by 2030


cost reduction in banking due to AI streamlining processes, and enhancing customer experience for financial institutions.


decrease in the time taken to detect fraud incidents by handling vast amounts of data, offering real-time detection, and continuously learning from new transactions

Use Cases

Automated Expense Reporting for Businesses

Implement AI to streamline the process of submitting and managing expense claims. · Use artificial intelligence to automate expense validation and approval.

Personalized Financial Planning Services

Utilize machine learning and data analytics algorithms to offer tailored financial advice and planning for individuals based on their unique financial situations. · Implement AI-driven algorithms to analyze spending patterns and suggest personalized savings strategies. · Analyze customer data to evaluate credit, market, and operational risks to inform financial decision making. · Use AI algorithms to construct optimized investment portfolios tailored to customer risk profiles and return objectives.

Financial Wellness Assistant

Provide a virtual assistant to guide individuals in managing and improving their financial well-being. · Implement features for budgeting, debt management, and investment recommendations.

Enhancing accessibility for individuals with visual impairments

Develop solutions that facilitate seamless communication and financial transactions for individuals with visual impairments. · Utilize AI to enhance accessibility features and ensure compliance with accessibility standards.

Fraud detection

Implement machine learning algorithms to identify fraudulent transactions and suspicious activities in real time

Our Benefits

By leveraging the power of AI and data, Avkalan delivers a transformative impact
across the healthcare spectrum:

Strategic Decision-Making

Informed decision-making through a thorough understanding of business priorities and pain points.

Increased Efficiency

Automate manual processes to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Optimized Investments

Efficient resource allocation by evaluating AI solutions based on potential benefits, risks, and limitations.

Ethical and Regulatory Compliance

Adherence to ethical and regulatory standards, ensuring responsible AI practices in the financial sector.

Business Agility

Quick adoption of AI models and technologies to stay agile in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing monitoring and proactive issue resolution contribute to financial process improvement.

Our Methodology


Draft approach, methodologies and work plan to achieve set goals


Custom built solutions to achieve set goal


Deploy solutions to production


Provide comprehensive training to end-users on utilizing AI/ML solutions effectively


Initial discussions to understand the business pain points


Hypercare, measurement and A/B testing for ongoing improvement and refinement as required before transitioning into BAU


Narrow down pain points to tackle for optimum outcomes and define project goals

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